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Hi, I’m Jordan. Iā€™m currently an undergrad at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Computing Science. My interests are in backend development, systems architecture and infrastructure.

I’m currently interning at Demonware for Summer 2019. I was previously an intern at Hootsuite and Safe Software.

I am graduating in Dec 2019 and will be looking for full-time opportunities. If you think I’m a good fit, you can reach me here!

Check out other things I do on the interwebs here:

  • Instagram: šŸ“· What I see through the viewfinder.
  • Monologue Mode: šŸ“– Notes and stories on photos I’ve taken.
  • Github: šŸ’» Source code for projects.
  • Twitter: šŸ’­ Mostly lurking, with the occasional tweet about new stuff I’ve learned.